Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Online Garage Sale
1. introduction: what is meaning of “online garage sales”It is mean that you sell the second hand items what you do not want it in internet.
2. why garage sale is famous around the worldBecause it is convince and you do not have a store to sell item. You just post the item what you want to sell and describe it in internet. Than all you have to do is waiting. , you will know if your item already be bough when the ending of time.
3. how do we get engaged in online purchase1. Find sale website2. search the product what you want to buy3. bid the product
4. make contact with seller5. give the money to seller by ATM or face to the seller6. you will get the product4. which advantageYou can view a lot of the same products and compare the products what you want to buy.
5. which disadvantageYou may be deceived by seller or buy the product what is not suitable for you.
6. conclusionI like to buy the product in internet. But you must be careful even thought their appraisal is high.


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