Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Environmental and Our Life
The natural environmental and our life support system are the basis for a healthier world, healthier economy, healthier society, and overall a healthier human..
Because we create the garbage gas too often, the world has been hotter than hatter. The most important thing what we have to do is reducing the garbage gas.
How do we reduce the garbage gas? Before we understand this question we have to know how we create the garbage gas. The air condition has been used in our life very often, but the air condition has created a lot of garbage gas in this world. And we often drive cars to take a trip, but the car also can create the garbage gas. That’s why the garbage gas has been more and more. So we have to reduce the garbage gas in the first time.
Everyone live in this world, we should cherish this world together. How do we cherish this world? Just do it in our life. We can use the bas and MRT to other way, that’ll reduce the garbage gas. In the summer, don’t use the air condition too often. We can use the electric fan. Let’s cherish this world together, and don’t create the garbage gas any more.