Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Spriderman .
I know tihs movie since the television advertisement.Its name is Spriderman.
Spiderman was created in 1962 by comic book writerStsn Lee for Marverl Comics.The main character, Peter Parker, is a high school student when the story begins. He is a shy, but very intelligent science student with an interest in photography. He lives with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in the suburbs of New York. His best friend is Harry Osborn. Harry's father, Norman Osborn, is a famous scientist who owns his own company. Since Peter was a child, he has had a crush on the girl who lives next door, Mary Jane Watson.One day on a school field trip to a laboratory in New York City, Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider. The spider changes Peter Parker's DNA and gives him special powers.