Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thought for movies from English Trailers
Today I appreciate a movie which is called “March of the penguins”. Penguins are very cute animals. They have wings but can not fly. They are birds that think they're fish.
In the March, for 20 days and 20 nights, the emperor penguin will march to a place so extreme it supports no other life. They have many adventures in the trip. They have to suffer blizzard, they have to hide their natural enemy who can eat them. They have to stay in the dangerous environment until they get the destination.
When they get the destination, they star to grow. They have love, they have their family and their baby who must be looked after.
I n the movie, you can see the cute penguins. You can see love of the animals. You can see the life of penguins. When penguins baby grow, the penguin mothers will look after them carefully. Penguin mothers will teach their baby walking.
Most of people all like penguins, most of people all think that they are very cute. Yes, that’s right. You can see much appearance of the cute penguins, you can see much appearance of the sweet. If you like penguins, you must see this movie. If you din't like penguins, you must see this movie too, because you will fall in love with penguins after you see this movie.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Do you have a blog? If so, how do you use it? If not, do you think you might like to start one? Why or why not?
I have a bolg. My English teacher ask our class to make and we have to hand in homework on the blog. I don't use it in other way.
Do you think blogs will someday replace other forms of media?Example.
It's possible. We can see many news in the web. Maybe other people will po news and pictures in the blogs.

Do you think celebrities have a responsibility to set the right example by helping people in need? Explain.
Celebrities are everyone's idol. Everyone will notice what they say . What they set the right example will remind everyone to notice. So celebrities have a responsibility to set the right example by helping people in need.
What are some things you can do to make a positive difference in the world?
One thousand dollars is combination by one dollars. I can donate ten dollars everyday. Ten dollars are small money, but it will be a large of money along with day by day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Form the age of 5, Lin Hwai-Min knew he wanted to be a dancer. Is there something you have wanted to do since you were very young? Explain.
I want to be pilot since I was young. I want to fly when I saw the bird in the sky. But we can't fly in the sky by ourself. We only fly in the sky by the airplain so I want to be the pilot.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On Life
Does a person live in to have what value in the world? If a person has no value, live in this meaningful in the world? We want to live the meaning of the birth life, will let the person recall you. Serve the public, help a society, be a person who will let the person recall.
The society has many places that need to be served, do the best. The day off can make use of time to attend public-spirited activity. Donating blood and serving an elder are the top of the daily life to attain very easily. I will periodically donate blood, the day off will also take time to attend a public-spirited activity. The person isn't living for oneself, is for the other people. Let the other people feel our existence, this is the meaning of the life.
1. We have to do our best on everything, no matter when we are a student or a worker, just do it best. Don’t wast life.
2. Be a person who has value, let the existence that the person knows you.
3. Be a person who will let the person recall, make an effort to is everyone to serve.
Don’t wast life, live meaning of being born the life. This is the life education.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Introduction on myself
I'm a student. I'm from Taiwan. I was live in Taipei during I was young. When I was going to junior high school, my family and I moved to Chiyi. But I'm live in Kaohsiung now because I'm studing in CAFA .

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Online Garage Sale
1. introduction: what is meaning of “online garage sales”It is mean that you sell the second hand items what you do not want it in internet.
2. why garage sale is famous around the worldBecause it is convince and you do not have a store to sell item. You just post the item what you want to sell and describe it in internet. Than all you have to do is waiting. , you will know if your item already be bough when the ending of time.
3. how do we get engaged in online purchase1. Find sale website2. search the product what you want to buy3. bid the product
4. make contact with seller5. give the money to seller by ATM or face to the seller6. you will get the product4. which advantageYou can view a lot of the same products and compare the products what you want to buy.
5. which disadvantageYou may be deceived by seller or buy the product what is not suitable for you.
6. conclusionI like to buy the product in internet. But you must be careful even thought their appraisal is high.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Basketball is a sport in which two teams of five players each try to score points by throwing a ball through a hoop (the basket) under organized rules.
Since its invention in 1891, it has developed to become a truly international sport. It originated in the YMCA; early leagues were formed in colleges. Basketball eventually became a professional sport. Even though it was originally a North American sport, it quickly spread internationally and outstanding players and teams are found today all over the world.
Basketball is primarily an indoor sport, played in a relatively small playing area (the court). Points are scored for passing the ball through the basket from above (shooting); the team with more points at the end of the game wins. The ball can be advanced on the court by bouncing it (dribbling) or passing it between teammates. Advantageous personal contact (fouls) is not permitted and there are restrictions on how the ball can be handled (violations).
Through time, basketball has developed to involve common techniques of shooting, passing and dribbling, as well as players' positions (which are not legally required) and offensive and defensive structures. While competitive basketball is carefully regulated, variations have developed for casual play. Basketball is also a popular spectator sport.